Daniel Moran Aguilar

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Strategic, Driven, Collaborative.The type of person I am:Lifelong Learner: I am passionate about acquiring new knowledge and skills.Mindfulness Practitioner: I engage in daily meditation and mindfulness practices to maintain high energy and awareness levels.Creative Thinker: I enjoy writing for both inner discovery and professional purposes, bringing a creative approach to problem-solving and strategic planning.Attentive to Detail: I meticulously analyze data and ensure accuracy in all aspects of my work, enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness.Culturally Aware: I value multicultural experiences, enhancing my interpersonal skills and fostering inclusive environments.

Data-Driven Sales Strategist

With a background in sales management and digital marketing expertise, I utilize data-driven insights to optimize sales strategies, ensuring consistent growth and efficiency in achieving targets.I excel in understanding client needs, providing tailored solutions, and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Career Objective: Account Executive @ Innovative Tech or Educational Company

With a strong background in sales management and digital marketing, I am excited to contribute to a forward-thinking tech or educational company.My experience managing a $1.3M/year business with consistent growth and my expertise from Columbia University's Digital Marketing Boot Camp position me to effectively drive sales and digital engagement, supporting the company's mission and expansion.

Key Skills:

Collaborative: I am an effective team player who fosters a cooperative work environment.Problem-Solver: I proactively take responsibility for complex problems and find innovative solutions.Great Customer Service: I solve customer issues promptly and ensure they have a positive experience.Good Communicator: I have studied and practiced how to develop a strong ability to convey ideas clearly and listen mindfully.Integrity: I uphold honesty and remain true to my commitments.Adaptability: I thrive in diverse and dynamic environments, continuously seeking personal and professional growth.Resourcefulness: I am capable of identifying and leveraging opportunities to achieve goals.Strategic Planning: I am adept at planning and aligning my work with company goals to ensure organizational success.

Certified By Columbia University

Professional Experience

Sales Manager | BBU
May 2020 - March 2024

Managed a $1.3M/year business with a sales team of 10, achieving 15% average annual growth.Developed and implemented strategic sales plans, resulting in increased market share and enhanced customer satisfaction.Conducted data analysis to identify sales trends and opportunities, driving strategic decision-making.Fostered a collaborative and high-performing team environment, emphasizing integrity and customer-centric solutions.

Intel Consultant | ActionLink
August 2015 - November 2019

Provided sales consulting services, focusing on closing sales of high-end tech devices such as computers, personal laptops, drones, and VR devices.
Conducted product demonstrations and training sessions to educate clients and improve sales outcomes.
Collaborated with marketing teams to develop promotional strategies, boosting product visibility and sales.
Maintained a problem-solving approach to address client needs, ensuring high levels of satisfaction and trust.

Freelance Digital Marketer | Playa del Carmen, Mexico
2010 - 2014

Developed social media strategies for various clients, increasing sales by 20%.
Created and managed online marketing campaigns, resulting in increased brand awareness and customer interaction.
Utilized digital marketing tools such as Google Analytics and Hootsuite to track and optimize campaign performance.
Demonstrated creativity and adaptability by tailoring strategies to diverse client needs in a dynamic market.

Sound Tech Crew Member | Adventure of the Seas, Royal Caribbean
2008 - 2009

Gained multicultural experience and polished English skills while working aboard an international cruise ship as a sound technician.Provided exceptional customer service to guests from diverse backgrounds, ensuring a positive onboard experience.
Embraced a multicultural environment, enhancing communication skills and cultural awareness.

B.S. Industrial Engineering | BUAP, 2006

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