Three Tips to Help You Leverage LinkedIn’s Blogging Platform

Three Tips to Help You Leverage LinkedIn’s Blogging Platform

When Microsoft bought LinkedIn last year, no one really knew what changes they would make. Now, close to a year later, that’s all become clear. LinkedIn is moving more towards a content focused platform than a personal profile focused platform. Makes sense, too! Content is king on the Internet. Why shouldn’t the same strategies work on LinkedIn?

Content is one of the key components of how virtually all Internet marketing works. It’s loosely called “inbound” marketing. “Inbound” in this case means that you put the content online, people find the content, then elect to contact you…or not…according to how good your content was or how well targeted it was. You don’t have to be a big ad agency to get a lot of traction with content on LinkedIn either. In this blog post, I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks you can use in your own LinkedIn blog posts. These tips and tricks will result in you getting a lot more “eyeballs” on your content as well as a lot more interaction with you, your product or your service. 

Tip #1: Use LinkedIn’s blogging platform to position you as a leader in your business niche.

There are virtually no professions where expertise is granted by someone else, or some other entity. Even doctors, once they pass their exams and are licensed to practice. Expertise isn’t like getting elected to a political position either. If you’ll really look at who’s an expert…and who’s not…you’ll realize that experts are self-selected and self-declared! You can be an expert and you can share in all the spoils that experts share in. All you have to do is to decide you’re an expert, and tell people!

Tip #2: Use LinkedIn’s blogging platform to announce your new expert position.

If you want to claim expert status in the business world, there’s no better way to announce this than through LinkedIn’s blogging platform. Think about who’s actually reading blog posts on LinkedIn? It’s the movers and shakers of the world! Decision makers! Exactly the kind of people you want reading what you have to say. People who can do business with you. People who can buy from you!

Tip #3: Consistency is more important than frequency.

Writing a blog post takes time. Unless you’re a professional writer, you have a business and/or a career that doesn’t include spending hours every day in front of a computer writing. You can still use LinkedIn’s blogging platform to grow your business, though. One way to do this is to reduce the frequency of how often you publish. Go more for consistency than for frequency. You’ll be amazed at how much you can get out of even one or two blog posts a month!

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