About me

Digital Marketing Author, Entrepreneur & Swiss Army Knife.

My name is Daniel Morán Aguilar and I can help you make more money. I’ve been a digital marketing specialist since 2006. 

Daniel Morán Aguilar

What My Business Is About?

My business is to bring you more money. I do that by developing and executing a highly customized digital marketing program that a) position your brands as the clear choice for your potential clients searching online,  and b) pay for itself multiple times.

Why do I do it?

As a son of a small business owner and one myself, I understand very well what’s at stake for you.  I have so much respect for business owners and people with their own professional practice, because they put their whole world on the line, every single day. I like the way they think, how fast they can make decisions, and how much they contribute to the economy. That's why I do it.

My Mission

Is to achieve positive ROI of my clients’ advertising budgets and to make my services pays for themselves multiple times.

My Core Values: 

Passion, Trust & Purpose

Those are the core values in which I’ve based my practice. If you are passionate about really helping your clients, I want to be in your corner, bringing you more sales revenue, and a handsome return on the investment you make on my services every single month.  I strive to bring you back many times over the investment you make on my services or you pay nothing. I strive to gain your trust by delivering you more value than costs. And the only way to do all of that, is to have a strong purpose to win in every aspect of our marketing partnership.

About My Services

 The value ladder of my services start with online reputation management, simply because I can bring immediate results with it. Plus, I believe it’s not fair that your business reputation is vulnerable to the inevitable (and often unjustified) bad reviews from the general public.  All my digital marketing services are done-for-you, and are designed to set you free of tedious task and bring you a measurable financial ROI.  Ready To Get More Revenue Quickly And Easily? It all Starts With Your Online Reputation.


My Personal

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

My job as a digital marketing specialist is to bring you more money than the cost of my services. If I don’t achieve that, what’s the point of you investing in what I offer?

That’s why my Personal Guarantee in every one of my services is this: If you don’t see an increase in reviews, leads or revenue within 90 days, I’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

Case Studies

These are a small sample of the dozens of my clients who have grown their lead flow, reputation and business growth. Ready to have put your Online Reputation to work for you? Apply Today!

Maloney Plastic Surgery

Kalil & Associates

Accounting Firm

Chef Chic

Personal Chef & Catering

I Can Only Work With Very Few Businesses In Any Given City In any Given Industry. Apply Today!

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Ready To Get More Revenue Quickly And Easily? It all Starts With Your Online Reputation

Daniel Morán Aguilar  

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