Daily Email

What: Writing Relationship Emails
Once Per Day
Frequency: Daily

BEO/SLO Offer Emails

What: Break Even Funnel Emails
Pay: $200+ Per Email
Frequency: 3-5 Emails

Drip Campaigns

What: Onboarding/Welcome/Indoc
Pay:$100 $200
Frequency: Up to 300 emails in sequence

My specialty is writing stories to create interest and urge in your email leads.

In short, I turn subscribers into buyers. If you’re looking to get more value with every message you send to your email list, let’s talk.

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Launch Emails

What: Emails To Launch Products
Pay: $200+ Per Email
Frequency: 14+ Emails Per Launch

Customer List

What: My clients send different emails to people that pay them money. Loyalty building stories

Email Newsletters

What: Relationship Building
Pay: $300 – $1,000
Frequency: Weekly/Monthly

Flash Sale Emails

What: 3-5 Emails For Time
Constrained Product Discounts
Pay: $150 $200/Email
Frequency: Quarterly.